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Yasmin Farhart is a professional MC, and she specializes in speaking at public events in the greater Sydney area.

When it comes to speaking at events, Yasmin likes to keep everyone wanting more. Yasmin also makes the event memorable by providing professional expertise, and charisma to her audience.

Not only Yasmin is a professional MC, she’s also fluent in Australian Sign Language, and it can be quite useful for events. Yasmin speaks at various types of events, which include: conferences, workshops, social engagements, and weddings.


About MCYF

Yasmin aims to entertain, connect, and be persuasive towards her audience.

As a professional MC, Yasmin will brighten up your next event by bringing with her warm, enthusiastic, and confident personality.

Yasmin has a strong can-do attitude, which is beneficial for hosting a public event, whilst keeping the audience engaged.

From public speaking to event planning, Yasmin has tremendous experience with organising, and facilitating public events.

MCYF Services

MCYF will provide customers with these services:

    • Conferences
    • Weddings
    • Public Speaking
    • Social Engagements
    • Workshops


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Not only MCYF can liven up your events, we can also make it memorable, and entertaining for you.

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